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DS Fully Automatic Fast-Change Inner Vacuum Single Facer

Inner Vacuum Type Single Facer Series. Mechanical speed 150-250/min Max width of scroll 1400-2800mm. Flute type: A、B、C、E、F、BC.

1. The whole machine is controlled by computer and is equipped with two pairs of corrugated roller, so can achieve Multiple Flute Type fast change together but no need to move out and change separately. This method can enhance production efficiency, mitigate the worker`s labor intensity. The whole process just 5 minutes.
2. The whole machine uses hydraulic control technic, ensure the flute can highspeed setting and glue perfectly.
3. The corrugated roller use gear clutch achieve independence transmission, no need to equip with locking mechanism.
4. Use direct-drive three points transmission, suit for mid-high speed corrugated cardboard production line. It can meet the requirement of 300m/min high-speed production.
5. The roller is made from special alloy steel, the size as following: Φ320/360/430mm. We use heat treatment technic to do the precision grinding. The surface is done by Hard Chromium or tungsten carbide Plating.
6. Equipped with infrared broken sensor in order to achieve paper breaking automatic protection. When the paper is broken, the press roller will exit and the glue plate also exit.
7. Sizing control includes electric control and automatic control. When you set automatic, according to the running speed`s changing, the sizing amount can be adjusted by the encoder and PLC and also has numerical Value indicating on the panel, ensure the sizing amount is stable when the corrugated machine is doing the speed change and also make sure the single ply`s quality is stable too.
8. Use same High-rigidity pedestal, transmission and pressing integrative;Independent drive box, universal joints help to increase stability. Realize communication between PLC and inverter, control accelerate or decelerate speed.

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