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DKA Inner Vacuum Single Facer Series

Inner Vacuum Type Single Facer Series. Mechanical speed 300m/min Max width of scroll 1400-2800mm. Flute type: A、B、C、E、F、BC.

1. Applied to a high-speed production line or a high speed single face 2ply production line.
2. Intelligent high-speed automatic quick-change type single facer, 20 minutes (drive in the hydraulic) changing the corrugated roller, cassette type electri-motion changing pressure roller.
3. The high-rigidity vertical modular structure design, very stable and running in high speed with low noise.
4. Inner vacuum structure, good corrugated forming, nice compression strength and flatness. It is kind to all compatibilities of raw paper, low and high weight, high and low quality paper.
5. Modular gluing mechanism, servo control the gluing precision, automatic slurry, glue roll automatic cleaning.
6. Casstte type corrugated roll change, drive by Italy hydraulic motor, fast insertion type steam structure, 20minutes to complete the corrugated roller changing.
7.  Precision adjustment by servo control(glue thickness, gap between gluing roller and corrugating roller, gap between pressure roller and corrugating roller, glue baffle adjustment).
8. Automatically control the paper moisture and temperature.
9. Upper glue storage structure, automatic glue supply, double glue scraping plate to prevent throwing glue, automatic glue baffle structure by sevo contol on double slide rail, glue roller automatic cleaning structure, operation/stop dual mode operation.
10. Water cooling hydraulic system. DCS international standard intelligent electric control system, remote maintenance.
11. Large color touchscreens showing various data: all roller temperature, wind pressure, air pressure, instantaneous power consumption and various parameters of the machine can be adjusted in touch screen.

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