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D Inner Vacuum Single Facer Series

Inner Vacuum Type Single Facer Series. Mechanical speed 100-250m/minMax width of scroll 1200-2800mm. Flute type: A、B、C、E、F、BC.

1. Applied to a mid/high-speed production line.
2. High-pressure fan structure with silencer is used to reduce noise.
3. Adjust glue thickness electrically and display digitally. 
4. The diameter of corrugating roll is Φ310/320/360/430mm. It`s made from alloy steel 48CrMo.The roll is polished with heat treatment. Coated with chrome, the hardness of its surface reaches above HS80.
5. The working surface of each paper-guiding roll, pre-heater and pressure roll is polished and coated with hard chrome.
6. Automatic interval cycled oil and high-temperature grease provide reasonable lubrication.
7. Infrared detector assures auto paper-breaking protection. When paper is broken, the press roll and the glue trough will withdraw.
8. Thickness of glue is controlled by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller, by electromotion or Automation.
9. High Rigidity one basement structure, drive with corrugating in mutual; Independent drive box, universal joints help to increase stability. Realize communication between PLC and inverter, control accelerate or decelerate speed.
10. Can be equipped sprayer which can spray according to dryness of paper.

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